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Southwest Florida Urology Surgery Center

Adapting an existing building and converting it into a new State AHCA licensed Ambulatory Surgical Center specifically for Urology related procedures was especially challenging since the existing roof trusses were located at 9′-0″ above the finished floor and thus requiring all new building systems to be accommodated within the existing truss cavity. This new surgery center (completed in July, 2001) houses three operating rooms (two set up for fluoroscopy/stone manipulation procedures); all new emergency power and piped med-gas systems; and all other AHCA required support facilities. Additionally, there are other non-surgical procedure facilities for X-Ray and IVP Diagnostics; flexible Cystoscopy; Renal/Prostate Ultrasound; and Urodynamics/Bio-Feedback testing.

Client: Urology Associates of Southwest Florida Location: Fort Myers, Florida
Building Type: Medical/Ambulatory Surgical Center Building Size: 1-Story 8,300 SF
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