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Completed in 2012, this new functionally efficient, State of Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration licensed ambulatory surgery center with 3-operating rooms and required support facilities with a covered entry and post-op patient discharge on an extremely tight site was designed to be a “landmark” for patient recognition. Designed with three distinct functional areas required for compliance in accepted healthcare standards: Public or Un-restricted; Semi-Restricted (pre/post-op recovery area); and Restricted (surgical areas) the circulation patterns and spatial relationships create operational efficiency. The “Contemporary” design style employs colorful painted Stucco forms, expressive shapes and massing, offset planes, and repetitive patterns which create diversity and continuity within the modern theme. Incorporating curved forms in both plan and elevation, and integrating layered walls and planes at varying heights extending upward break-up the apparent massing and create visual interest while expressing the essence of a modern medical/surgical facility.

Orthopedic Ambulatory Surgery Center

11,217 SF Total

Orthopedic Specialists of Southwest Florida


Designed to be a “landmark” for patient recognition, the overall “Contemporary” design style of the building exterior incorporates the use of stone and painted Stucco in vertical planes and surfaces located around the building and accentuates the theme of the design.  Incorporating sensual curved forms in both plan and elevation, and incorporating stone walls and planes at varying heights which extend out beyond the building not only created visual interest, but also captured the essence of “Modern” Architecture with “Organic” intentions.

Positioning the waiting area in the center of the office with the Tech area immediately adjacent, the Optical Technicians can maintain visual contact with the patients and escort them into various testing rooms, work up rooms, exam rooms and/or counseling rooms and minimize both Tech and patient walking. Also, separate “pods” of examination rooms was created so two physicians could work at same time.

The main Patient Waiting Room and Optical Dispensary area features stone on full-height walls and dramatic multi-layered suspended acoustical ceilings as “floating” planes.

Integrating traditional stone and natural wood within the modern building aesthetic was an intended goal in the design concept and by placing the stone in full-height vertical planes, and not as mere “skirting” or wainscoting, allows the stone to read as textured planes in a non-traditional way and further demonstrate the balance of expressing modern technology in construction with a traditional warmth.

Design Awards:

On July 23rd, Collins Vision Medical Office was awarded an Aurora Award as well as the Grand Aurora Award for Best Commercial Construction Healthcare Facility at the 2011 Southeast Builder’s Conference Aurora Awards Design Competition in Orlando. The Aurora Awards honor the best in commercial and residential architecture in a 12-state region and entries are judged on design, quality of construction, unusual constraints, cost savings techniques and outstanding features.

Prior to being constructed, Collins Vision Medical Office was awarded a Lee Building Industry Association 2010 Summit Award for the Best Architectural Project for Healthcare in the “Un-built Design” category and on October 15, 2011 this project won the 2011 Lee Building Industry Association Summit Award for the Best Architectural Project for Healthcare.

”The resulting design has created a world-class facility within to provide world-class eye-care.” – Michael J. Collins, Jr. M.D.

Client: Michael J. Collins, Jr., MD, FACS

Location: Fort Myers, Florida

Building Type: Medical Office

Building Size: 10,457 SF


Adapting an existing 2-story bank building and converting the ground floor into a new AHCA licensed Ambulatory Surgical Center specifically for Ophthalmology and Eye-Health related procedures required the total demolition of the First Floor and expanding out beyond the Second Floor to create the new functional space required; completely fitted with all new electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, fire sprinklers and piped medical gas systems. Completed in November 2010, this new surgery center houses one Class “C” and one Class “B” Operating Room along with all other AHCA required support facilities.

This project won the 2009 Summit Award for Best Renovation and the 2011 Aurora Award for Best Commercial/Renovation Space.

Client: Gorovoy MD Eye Specialists Location: Fort Myers, Florida
Building Type: Medical/Ambulatory Surgical Center Building Size: 10,580 SF

Completed in 1991 this single-tenant medical office building was designed to appeal to children in a less “institutional” Old Florida aesthetic style utilizing durable low-maintenance materials within a moderate budget. Interior spaces include 2 waiting rooms, patient exam rooms, offices for 6 physicians, medical records and various support facilities. The building consists primarily of perimeter load-bearing masonry with a second floor of concrete on metal bar joists with pre-engineered roof trusses finished with an economical “5-V Crimp” painted metal roof panels.

Client: The Children’s Centre Group Location: Fort Myers Florida
Building Type: Medical Office Building Size: 2-Story 12,000 SF

Located on the third floor within an existing multi-tenant medical office condominium building this new facility was completed in 2002 and effectively facilitates Patient Check-in and Waiting for 18; a Medical Records and Administration Area; 3 Private Physician/Consult Offices; a Drawing Lab; an Ultrasound Room; 6 examination Rooms; a Procedure Room; a Central Work Station for 4 Nurses; and other patient and staff support facilities. Of special challenge was to create a comfortable and seemingly spacious atmosphere for patients and to develop effective work space for the medical staff, all within a 4,000 SF suite with pre-determined physical limitations.

Client:   Location: Naples, Florida
Building Type: Obstetrics and Gynecology Medical Interior Improvements Building Size: 1-Story 4,000 SF

Completed in 2000 as a Design/Build project this multi-tenant medical office houses individual suites for four partnered physicians. Each physician has their own individual patient waiting room, check-in/receptionist, medical records storage, exam rooms, nurse stations and private physician’s office while sharing administrative and staffing functions within a common area. All under one roof this facility also features a shared diagnostics suite with x-ray, stress test, bone density, and lab facilities plus a separate 2,300 SF lease space for an additional tenant.

Client: Internal Medicine Associates Location: Fort Myers, Florida
Building Type: Multi-Tenant Partnered Medical Office Building Size: 1-Story 17,037 SF

Designed as a prototype facility, this building was completed in 2000 and is one of several such facilities located throughout the Southwest Florida Area. The basic structure consists of perimeter load-bearing masonry supporting pre-engineered wood roof trusses and concrete barrel roof tile to create a “Northern Italian” Mediterranean style. Subtle changes in massing and materials mask the large thick-walled treatment vaults to create an aesthetically warm and patient-comfortable envelope.

Client: Radiation Therapy Associates Location: Naples, Florida
Building Type: Medical/ambulatory Surgical Center Building Size: 1-Story 7,500 SF

This multi-tenant medical center was completed in 1994 at a cost of just under $40.00/SF for the “Shell” vertical construction. The structure consists primarily of steel columns and beams supporting bar joists with a corrugated metal and concrete deck floor and roof plates; light-gage metal stud framing with stucco finished exterior walls; and re-engineered roof trusses on top with a standing seam metal roof panel system.

Client: David Whitman Location: Fort Myers, Florida
Building Type: Multi-Tenant Medical Office Building Size: 3-Story 27,000 SF

Completed in 1995 this Ambulatory Surgical Center which was licensed by the State of Florida Agency for Health Care Administration and was constructed at a cost of approximately $122/SF houses 2-OR’s with Pre-Op stations, a nurse station, full monitored recovery and all required support functions including a full piped Med-Gas and Vacuum system and emergency power generator.

Client: Ophnet, Inc. Medical Associates Location: Fort Myers, Florida
Building Type: Medical/Ambulatory Surgical Center Building Size: 1-Story 6,600 SF

This Multi-Tenant medical center was completed in 1996 at an approximate cost of $112/SF. The first floor houses a State of Florida Agency for Health Care Administration licensed Ambulatory Surgical Center with a fully functional operatory suite and support elements. The second floor houses an independent dermatology office. While containing a technically sophisticated facility within, the “Old Florida/Cottage” style, this design is reminiscent of the unimposing residential architecture found in the Naples area.

Client: Jon F. Strohmeyer, M.D. Location: Naples, Florida
Building Type: Medical/Ambulatory Surgical Center Building Size: 2-Story 9,900 SF
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