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I have known Chris Lee both personally and professionally for over 20 years. He designed my last surgery center which has been running successfully for over 12 years. When it came time to select an experienced architect for my new surgery center, I didn’t even interview anyone else. Chris hasn’t disappointed me. My new center is magnificent and passed all building inspections easily .

The relationship of architect to client is very personal with a lot of give and take.  Changes in the plans are inevitable. I directed Chris with multitude design changes in this center and every time, he handled all necessary changes with great aplomb.  He was always available, often weekends, to hear my input and travel with me to visit local health centers to obtain new ideas. His flexibility combined with my specific tastes and needs was vital to the superb working relationship and timely completion of my project. In addition, the contractors told me on several occasions how easy he was to work with.  I can’t say this about all previous architects I have worked with.

Mark Gorovoy MD
Gorovoy MD Eye Specialists

Your name has become legend in this area regarding surgery centers and I, for one, appreciate what you have done for us. I especially appreciate the efficiency and that you are instrumental in keeping us from over building as many others do.
Thanks once again. I am always happy to recommend you.

John W. Snead, MD

I have had the pleasure of working with Chris Lee and his firm of professionals on many medical and surgical building projects over the last several years. Our most recent venture was a complete relocation of our medical practice after being in the same location for eighteen plus years. Our relocation involved a complete build out and design for SNEADCataract’s new office. Chris and his team were instrumental in the successful design and operation planning to bring this project to completion.

I would highly recommend utilizing Chris Lee Architects to any business considering expansion, relocation, or a new architectural project.

Shelley Tyndall, MBA, Administrator
Fort Myers Eye Surgery Center
Naples Eye Surgery Center

Chris Lee and his firm did a phenomenal job designing our new office.
At the beginning of our project, Chris truly listened to what we envisioned for the office. He then took the time to make any revisions we desired to ensure the office would be well-designed for our needs.
Chris would also stick to his guns when he felt certain things would be best for the building, and I had to put my trust in some of his decisions. He was a pleasure to work with throughout the process. The result is that our new building is not only a beautiful piece of architecture, it also extremely functional for our practice. Thank you Chris and team!

Michael J. Collins, MD, FACS
Collins Vision Center

I was very fortunate to have Chris Lee as my architect for my new periodontal office. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable from the planning phase all the way through the construction phase. He also was very accessible. His plans were extremely detailed and complete, which were acknowledged as such during the bidding process by all of the contractors. All of the contractors said, “These are the most detailed plans I have seen in a long time!” His extreme attention to detail resulted in minimal change orders. I highly recommend Chris for your architectural needs.

Ryan J. Donovan, D.M.D., M.S.
Periodontics and Dental Implants

We have worked with Christopher J. Lee Architects for nearly a decade and we have come to rely on them to help us bring projects in on a budget but without sacrificing quality. As a small developer, the quality of our projects is what sets us apart. Our relationship with Chris Lee and his whole staff has been key to us being successful in maintaining this quality without going overboard. Chris and his staff are willing and able to discuss all alternatives to ensure that we end up with the quality project we desire at a price we can afford.

One often overlooked item in a project is change orders. These lead to cost overruns and slow projects down, which also costs a developer money. We have worked with several builders on our projects and each has praised the thoroughness of Christopher J. Lee Architects plans. This has led to minimal confusion by the contractors and minimal change orders from them to us.

Architecture is at once an art and a science. Christopher J. Lee Architects is equally strong at both disciplines and they are a pleasure to work with. We wholeheartedly recommend them for your project.

Jim Dwyer, III
Talamh Associates, LLC

D Squared Construction, Inc. has had the pleasure of working on several significant projects with Christopher J. Lee Architects. Their team is professional, responsive and helpful. Whether it’s a courtesy call for pick-up of a signed submittal on one of our large commercial build-outs or a design for a smaller residential re-model, there is a process in place to assist us as the contractor and to ensure the best possible outcome for the client. The attention to detail and emphasis on building relationships is sure to make CJL Architects an industry leader in customer satisfaction in Southwest Florida for the foreseeable future.

Cavan M. Dwyer, President
D Squared Construction, Inc.

Christopher J. Lee Architects, Inc. consistently produces contract documents that are clear and concise. This level of detail and clarity enables Construction Managers to provide a greater quality product for the client at the end of the project. Lodge Construction appreciates this level of detail from CJL Architects.

Tammy L. Kaminski, LEED® AP
Project Manager
Lodge Construction, Inc.

I have had the pleasure of working with Chris Lee and his firm on several projects. Chris’s firm consistently produces construction documents that are clear, accurate, and cost efficient. This not only makes our job as the contractor easier but most importantly saves the owners both time and money!!

Mark Stevens
Stevens Construction Inc.

We partnered with Chris and his team to create purpose-driven design solutions on a number of projects here at Shell Point. We did not expect to win an architectural design award the first time out of the gate but we did. On a practical side, Chris provides a “complete set” of construction drawings. This is refreshing because it has resulted in no design or construction driven change-orders.

Scott A. Moore
Director of Facility Operations
Shell Point Retirement Community

Chris Lee and I have worked together for more than 14 years on a variety projects throughout Southwest Florida ranging from ambulatory surgery centers to country clubs to radio transmission buildings to retail shops. Chris always seems to find projects that have some complexity or interesting twist that requires thinking outside the box in order to identify the best approaches to meeting the owner’s program. He likes to call them “widgets.” We look forward to tackling these widgets and assist with finding the best systems to meet the project owner’s needs.

Chris and his staff demand excellence and attention to detail on every project. It is this pride of ownership that sets his company apart from other architectural firms. Some project owners look simply at the cost of the service when selecting a team for a project. It is only later on that they realize that price really should have been only a small part of the selection process. The work product speaks for the true value of the service. Where many architects have abdicated their responsibilities by passing them off to the contractor to figure out how to “make it work,” the construction documents from Chris Lee and his staff provide the details that explain how the pieces fit together. This approach reduces problems in construction and in the end provides the owner with a higher quality project.

Paul M. Kinnunen, PE
MEP Department Manager
HSA Engineers & Scientists

I have a six year working relationship with Christopher J. Lee Architects, Inc. on numerous projects. We use the Firm explicitly because the work is done in a very professional manner, on a timely basis and with the client’s best interest in mind. I recommend this Firm to you most highly. You will not be disappointed!

Gary DeLanois
Senior Vice President
21st Oncology

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