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Christopher J. Lee Architects are pleased to announce that construction has begun on the new Orthopedic Specialists of Southwest Florida surgery center located at 2565 Cleveland Avenue in Fort Myers.

Designed to be a “landmark” for patient recognition, the “Contemporary” design style employs colorful painted stucco forms, expressive shapes and massing, offset planes, and repetitive patterns which create diversity and continuity within the modern theme. By incorporating curved forms in both plan and elevation, and integrating layered wall planes and surfaces at varying heights extending above the roof plan help to create visual interest while expressing the essence of this modern medical/surgical facility.

When completed, this 11,200 square foot State of Florida licensed ambulatory surgery center will house three (3) operating rooms with essential life-support and functional facilities. Stevens Construction from Fort Myers is the General Contractor for the project.

Located in Fort Myers since 1992, Christopher J. Lee Architects, Inc. specializes in providing quality services in commercial architecture including designs for many privately owned medical offices and dental facilities, and over 10 facility projects licensed under the State of Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, and recently received a 2011 Lee BIA Summit Award for Best Non-Built Healthcare Design for this project.


Christopher J. Lee Architects are pleased to announce that construction has been completed on the new WPTK AM Radio communications equipment and transmission facility located in Cape Coral.

Owen-Ames-Kimball of Florida was the General Contractor for the project which houses new transmission equipment for broadcasting radio communications throughout the Southwest Florida area.

Completion of this new facility marks the 4th project for this client including a similar facility for WINK-TV & WINK-FM96 Radio Transmission, as well as previous additions and renovations for the Fort Myers Broadcasting Company and Meridian Broadcasting Company at their existing studios located at 2824 Palm Beach Boulevard.

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